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Directory Hosted Project Management

A directory of hosted project management applications and service providers.

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Website Notes
Hosted Project Management Sites

Software development project management hosting application

Offers a free account but all data uploaded is made public.
Also the free account is supported by advertisements. Annoying but a fact of life.
To keep your data secure you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

They have different modules which you can add and delete as you need them.
The applications include:
Issue management
Milestone monitoring
Repositories for source code and files
Collaboration tools for wiki and messages
Management tools like SCRUM stand-up meetings
Man-hour recording
And many more

There are several pricing plans with a 30 day free trial and a free option



Unfuddle is a software development project management service. The user interface looks a lot like BaseCamp, but focussed on software development project management

Features include:

Repositiores for subversion and Git
Bug tracking
File attachments (not free account)
Time tracking
And more…

Several pricing plans including a free option.
The free option allows one active project, two team members and 200MB storage space



This is a true hosted project management solution and suitable for any type and size of project.
Includes budgeting and scheduling activities as well as all the normal interactive services, like:
Document storage
Issue tracking

Status can be viewed as a table, or as a gannt chart.
And all data is exportable

If you’re looking for a complete web-based hosted project management software, this maybe the one for you, but it comes with a price.
Which must be high because they do not publish any pricing plans
You have to ask for the price.

No free accounts here either. However there is a very comprehensive demo site.