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In today's dispersed work environments managing a project successfully take not only the right project management software it take the right team of workers managing the right resources.

Lets face the facts: managing the the team is the most difficult function. To get and stay on the same page the team needs proper motivation. Managing and motivating is a complex skill on its own and it even more difficult when everyone works in dispersed locations.

Here are some tips

1. Analyze your own motivation for project management. List the positives in all situations. As a motivated project manager your team will have confidence in you and will follow willingly.

2. Make your team stakeholders. Describe to all how their individual tasks fit into the project. Explain why, any odd  circumstances and restrictions surrounding the project.

3, Invite good suggestions from team members and when possible act quickly to show recognition. Act to fast implement the suggestion.

4. People usually work better virtually when the boss is not breathing down their neck. So use project management software to manage task deadlines but do it in a way that makes it a goal that the team can take pride in achieving.

5. Divide projects into clear milestones; good project managers motivate by defining attainable milestones within the project. Celebrate milestones completed on time.

6. Use words like WE instead of I. Don't brag about success

7.  When problems arise take it to your team; when they understand the circumstances it is easier to motivate them to conquer the problem. Do not  blame anyone in a team environment; it creates an environment of distrust.

8. Provide team feedback in a positive manner; tell them what was right, show them the shortcomings and how it can be done better. Ask for personal feedback on a positive manner.

9. Show your support for the team. When the going gets tough give them confidence and let them know you are there if they get stuck.

10. Have regular web conferences, listen to your team members talk and watch your team's body language. Let your team think "out side of the box" and encourage their participation for the good of the project.

11. Put the right resources together for the project. Not every team member can do every task. As project manager you pick the right person for task, provide the right tools and resource to met his task goal.

12. Ask yourself, "Which people work better with which people?" Grouping these resources into e-Teams for your project will lead to hire productivity and project satisfaction.

13. Channel issue reporting, use your project management software to notify virtual team members of problems. Miscommunications can lead to big problems. Resolve "situations" before they can damage the team (and personal) morale.

14. Give reasonable time lines for the task and then let the task responsible person execute. Insist that they use the project management software to enter their hours, notify the project manager of status changes. A good online project management software interface will help each team member keep current.

15. Reward appropriately when working with dispersed project team members. Not everyone needs the same benefits and kudos from a project. But remember to tell them that they did good work if you want to work with them again.

Using online project management software for controlling dispersed [http://www.same-page.com] project management teams is the way to stay on the Same-Page


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B Collen is the managing Partner for http://www.Same-Page.com He brings a unique perspective to this area due to his 7 years of experience helping companies with dispersed workgroups get on the same page.

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