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Leadership Training for New Managers: How to Go From Peer to Manager in 5 Easy Steps Print
You've always thought about being in charge. You always wanted to be in the position to make necessary changes and do things smarter.

Now, you just got promoted to manager and have the opportunity you always wanted.

Now what?
Team Building: Getting together to Win Print

Before we talk about team building, we must have a fair idea of the word “Team”. Team is a collection of people, often from diverse but related groups, assigned to perform a well-defined function for an organization or a project.

What's Your Cat's Name? a Team-Building Exercise Print
Games are an ancient and fun way to get people interacting, even in stressful situations. At one of my seminars, an attendee, Susan Peters of BorgWarner PTC Shared Services, shared this technique that she and her colleagues had found very valuable.
The Genius of Teamwork Print

True teamwork is the rarest, most exhilarating, and most productive human activity possible. Every business wants to harness this incredible energy, but achieving such a level of motivation and esprit is not always easy.

Try Managing Up Print
Along with managing your subordinates, for real success you also have to manage your boss. In other words, you have to "manage up." According to Thomas Zuber and Erika James, "managing up is the process of consciously working with your boss to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss and your organization. This is not political maneuvering or "kissing up." Rather, it is a deliberate effort to bring understanding and cooperation to a relationship between individuals who often have different perspectives."
How to Make Work Fun Print
Do you have fun at work? 

Is the culture of your company encourage employees having fun? Is encouraging fun at work smart business? At a department meeting we asked employees to fill out a survey that described the level of fun they were having at work. They reacted to our survey with frowns and puzzled looks.  The survey results also showed that that many of my co-workers did not consider work as being fun.  These results were disturbing to me and I started thinking about the relationship between work and fun.

Seven Skills for Effective Leadership Print

Based on the book Leadership for Everyone (McGraw-Hill 2005)
by Dr. Peter J. Dean, President, Leaders By Design

The L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Method contains the essential skills necessary for any effective leader to practice. While these skills are practiced to some degree individually, it is their integration and systematic use that will result in optimum leadership ability.

Project Management and Situational Leadership Print
Leadership is defined as the ability to influence groups of people in order to make them work and achieve prescribed goals ("The Project Management Question and Answer Book" by Michael and Marina).
Leadership, as a type of managerial interrelationship between the leader and the followers and is based on the combination of authority types most efficient for the current situation.
Increasing Project Alignment Print

Getting the key leaders of a project aligned is a critical enabler for success

Suppose you are a project manager and you discover that your counterpart in your client organization prefers working alone, and basically dislikes working in groups and participating in meetings. What could you do about it?
How would you know this in the first place?

Collaborative Project Management, A New Web Architecture Print
The project management paradigm has been shifting in recent years away from a top down view of how projects are managed toward a more collaborative model. And, in many cases, task interdependence and member distribution across time, space, and technology make high degrees of collaboration necessary to accomplish project work.
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