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Managing the Virtual Team Member Print
The Project Management industry is changing; we are moving away from the days of the boardroom meetings and group gatherings, to the virtual team world. Full and part time employees work each week from a home (Home office employees) or a remote office (corporate or remote office, in another town or state) 100% of the time. This is still a relatively new direction but more and more companies are starting to offer this kind of work arrangement for their employees. The question is; how effective is it?
Work Planning and Review Print
One of the most important items in your repertoire as a Project Manager is your ability to stay on top of things, your ability to plan and to implement those plans on time and within budget.
Leadership a Pre-requisite for Success Print
The aim of this article is to establish if leadership capabilities of a project manager in any way aids in the successful delivery of a project.
The Blame Game Print
In any engineering organization, things go wrong.
Product is shipped which doesn't meet customer expectations. Defects, perhaps severe ones, are missed in testing and discovered in the field. Documentation and manuals contains mistakes.
The list goes on and on.
As Project Manager, are you a diplomat or a dictator? Print

 Are you a Kofi Annan or a Saddam Hussian? 

The dictator style of management is popular with engineers recently promoted to PM.
The diplomatic approach is popular with those same ex-engineers after they have tried to maintain their dictatorship for a few years.

Inspirational Leadership Print

Creating Work Environments that Work.

We're now in the 21st century. Look around you. Has your work place changed much in the last two months? How about in the last two years?

Stress in the workplace Print
Stress: The reaction people have when exposed to excessive pressure or when demands are placed on them and they feel they cannot cope.
Can I Give You Some Advice? Print
Whether you are new to the workforce or have been around for a while, these are some things that can help you do a better job, move up in the organization, and keep you out of trouble. They are primarily aimed at new managers. At the worst, the suggestions won't hurt and, hopefully, they will help.
Building Great Teams Print
In the early '80s a team of Russian scientists were on a quest to discover what separated us, the humans, from our closest relatives, the chimpanzees. In other words, what made us human, while they remained … monkey?
When Good Bosses Go Bad Print
Okay, maybe that isn't a good title. While some good bosses go bad, it seems that more are born that way.
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