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So You Want to be Manager of the Year Print
You've been selected to be a project manager (or you want to be) and you want to be a success. Here are ten rules to help you be selected as Manager of the Year or the equivalent in your organization.
Enhancing Productivity Print
Here are a variety of tips from one of my recent seminars that will help you enhance your productivity. They’ve all been used by top managers with great results.
Courageous Leadership: Advance Your Career-Step Up to the Next Level Print
Opportunities for courageous leadership at work occur nearly every day.
Don't Fire Your Management Consultants, Manage Them! Print
Business consultants are often looked upon as a poor value either for lacking insight or for parroting the views of the client's own management. Consequently, companies tend to look at management consultant services with skepticism and as the first thing to be eliminated during tough times.
"There's no 'I' in team!" Print
This sports cliche is a memorable phrase that reminds people that team success is more important than individual glory.
In that sense it is wonderful and is as true for business teams as it is for sports teams.
The phrase, however, overlooks the role of the individual in making the team stronger.
The Fairness of Office Politics...Integrity and political motivation! Print
I hear many complaints daily about the "unfairness" of politics in corporate America. Employees say that their managers "lie" or issue "personal attacks" against them. Indeed, based on the pure ideals that we are taught as a child, this might appear to be the case.
Too much Water kills a Profession!! The Project Management industry is drowning Print
There are too many "Project Managers" out there and we are watering down the profession.
How many times have you seen organizations throw bodies at projects and make them the "PM" for the project? Too many.
If we keep this trend up, we are going to kill this profession!
The Proper Care and Feeding of a Software Engineer Print

The difference between a well and poorly motivated team is the difference between success and disaster.

'Business Value' as a Factor in Software Design Projects Print
Over the past few years I have observed a growing tendency towards designing software which is too good.
The Practice of Knowledge Management Print
Knowledge management is not about technology. It is about culture. To put it into the right perspective,the practice of knowledge management will drive the organisation to develop a strong culture of competency and innovation.
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