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OK, take a break, relax and read some fascinating facts about coffee
  • The darker any coffee is roasted, the stronger it will taste.
  • The darker the roast the lower the caffeine.
  • Regular coffee contains less than one calorie per 8-ounce serving, without cream or sugar.
  • The correct ratio for producing a perfect extraction using high grade arabica coffee is based on 0.33 ounces of coffee to 6 fluid ounces of water.
  • Espresso is any coffee that is brewed quickly under pressure to create a concentrated and heavy-bodied brew.
  • The shelf life of green coffee beans is indefinite. Coffee starts loosing its freshness as soon as it is roasted.
  • Only 1 to 1.5 pounds of green coffee beans per year is harvested from each tree.
  • Arabica coffees from different regions have distinct flavor characteristics, which are enhanced by the time of harvesting, method of processing and the degree of roasting.
  • Soil, climate and altitude affect the flavour of the coffe bean.
  • Almost all coffee is grown between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • A coffee bush yields it's first crop of beans after five years
  • There are approx 4,000 beans in each pound of ground coffee
  • The fruit of the coffee tree resembles a cherry and it normally contains two seeds, coffee beans. These two beans are of a round-oval shape, convex on the outside and flat inside. If only one seed is produced it grows the shape of a pea which is known as the 'Peaberry'; or 'Elephant' if the bean is oversize and of a convoluted shape.
    They are classified as defects but they can demand premium prices if bagged separately because they tend to produce a distinctly flavored coffee.
  • In general, the faster the brew cycle, the finer the coffee beans should be ground. Fine for espresso, coarse for the plunger pot.
  • The best way of flavoring a coffee is to add a natural flavor extract to the cup just after serving the coffee.
  • The best way to adjust strength of already brewed coffee is to add hot water.
  • Flavour deteriorates when coffee is left on a heat source, drink it freshly brewed or store it in a thermal carafe.
  • Coffee should be brewed at 90 - 96 deg C
  • The ideal temperature for steamed milk used in coffee is 66 - 76 deg C.
  • An espresso macchiato is an espresso 'spotted' with a dollop of steamed milk foam
  • Cappuccino coffee gets it's name from the foam topping which resembles the hooded robe of the Roman Catholic Capuchin Friars.

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