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25 Ways to Use a Mousepad Print
If you're a "freebieholic" like I am, you get all kinds of junk in the mail. Lately I've been getting several mousepads. I thought, what in the world am I supposed to do with 10 freakin' mousepads? Well, I decided to make a plentiful list of creative things to do with all these free mousepads. Thanks to those at bigbigsavings.com who helped me out tremendously in making this list.
  • Play hopscotch.

  • Use them as bases for baseball or softball.

  • Create a walkway in the garden.

  • Make a padded room for those stressful days.

  • Knee pads.

  • Butt pads.

  • Rent them to guys at work when they ask for a raise.

  • Donate them to not-for-profit places.

  • Sell them.

  • Glue cut pieces to backs of picture frames to help keep them straight.

  • Cut them out and use as a stencil.

  • Sew fabric around them for nice potholders.

  • Coasters.

  • Glue them to your headboard.

  • Take them to a local school.

  • Place in garage to prevent oil stains from ruining your floor.

  • Make a collage on your ceiling.

  • Paint them.

  • Use them by the door on muddy shoe days.

  • Cover them and stick them to the wall for door knob protection.

  • Cut them and make 'em into stamps.

  • Re-sole the bottom of your kids' shoes.

  • Make no-skid, extra cushy socks.

  • Cut into strips and pad a helmet that's too big.

  • Put them under your computer mouse for easy maneuvering.

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