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Christmas Comes But Once a Year Is Enough Print
He opens the front door. She is waiting at the end of the hall, her expression as cold and frosty as the night outside. Her folded arms are raised across her chest like a barricade.
Christmas Traditions Print

Father Christmas.

Call him what you will, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas - children all over the world will be waiting for his visit on December 25th. Trying to get off to sleep yet listening for the sleigh bells as Rudolph and his friends pull Santa's sleigh swiftly through the night sky. There are many stories about the origins of Santa Claus. One is that the real St. Nicholas was a Christian leader in a place called Myra - the country we now know as Turkey.

Have A Stroke At Work Print
Estimates for the cost of stress-related illness in the UK economy alone range from £5($8) billion to £12($19) billion each year. It is claimed that absence due to stress-related illness costs employers between £530-£545($848-$872) per employee per year.
Fascinating Facts About Coffee Print
OK, take a break, relax and read some fascinating facts about coffee
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