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The Start to Finish Activity on Node Relationship

There's an ongoing discussion over at the PlanningPlanet. com newsletter about the usefulness of the Start-to-Finish logical activity relationship.

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It's one of the four activity sequencing logical relationships in the "Acivity on Node" or Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) which is used by most project management scheduling software applications.

Well these guys are all project planners and they're confused.
So if they're questioning it you have to sit up and take notice, right?

The Start-to-Finish logic describes the relationship where the FROM task must start before the TO task can finish

According to the good ol' PMI PmBok ,Reg TM (c) et al,

"Start to Finish relationships are rarely used, and then typically only by professional scheduling engineers"


Thanks PMI for a great explanation.

And the definition over at Project Management Knowledge is just laughable B.S!

However to allow these Planning Planet guys to get some sleep, can any of our Loyal Readers give real life and practical applications for the Start-to-Finish activity relationship.

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