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When it comes to important projects, hindsight is everything.
When project team members look back, they can often see what went wrong and why.
They can analyze where in the process the project went off-course and why the solution did not deliver the anticipated business value
—if it was completed at all. But would the failure rate of projects improve if people knew what to look out for from the start?

 Celemi, an international learning design firm, has created a business learning simulation that helps project team members better prepare for
unexpected events and changing project conditions.

Preparing people for the challenges of project work

The success of a project is often determined by the skills and commitment of the people involved, they need to see the big picture and understand how to contribute to the project objectives.

Celemi CayenneTM, a one day table-top project simulation workshop, helps people be better prepared to deal with unexpected events and changing project conditions.

During the simulation, teams of 3-4 people monitor and manage a project. The participants are challenged by problems and events in the different project phases.
They decide how to best use limited resources to achieve their objectives. The performance of the teams is monitored on a range of key performance measures.
There are discussions connecting to the participants’ reality throughout the simulation. Using limited resources to reach the highest business-value possible.
After the simulation, the participants discuss their own projects. They prepare themselves and assess their project conditions in terms of leadership, alignment, teamwork and strategy etc.

Cayenne is intended for all types of companies across all industries. It involves all project members as well as stakeholders and can be used to kick-start a project with great results.
System suppliers and consultants can create successful joint projects using Cayenne. It is also ideal for corporate universities and other training organizations.


• Increase staff involvement and commitment
• Set up and prepare an effective project team
• Secure the understanding of critical success factors of project work
• Increase the involvement in and the value of a project kick-start
• Manage limited resources to create the highest business value possible
• Establish a proactive behaviour among project team members
• Secure a successful outcome of an upcoming project


Celemi Cayenne is independent of existing models used for project work and is suitable for all types of companies and projects. The storyline is based on implementing an IT system but is suitable for all projects of similar magnitude.

project success

The participants are grouped into teams of 3-4 people. Multiple teams can run the simulation simultaneously.

The target groups include: All project members; project managers, business executives, content provider consultants, experts and end users as well as support personnel.

The exercise takes one day and the facilititor is preferably certified by Celemi.

Celemi have offices in Europe, USA and China.

For more information on the full range of Celemi business simulations go to  http://www.celemi.com/


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