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The success of a project can be directly attributed to the ability and profile of the appointed project manager.

The skill of a project manager is not measured by the skill of applying a project methodology or the skilful use of a project management software application.  Many a project manager will indicate which methodologies they are proficient at.  But do not openly talk about the interpersonal skills of a project manager.

My belief is that a lot of the project management institutes providing project training directly relate the success of a project manager to the tools which are available, and should you be skilled in the use of these tools, you too will be good at project management.

The role of a project manager is to make those tough calls and tough decisions, and to ultimately loose the popularity contest, (which we are not entered into when in project management).  The daily ability to keep the project team motivated and focused, whilst the pressure is on, amongst the ongoing political battles that are being played out generally at the projects expense.

The ability to lead the team forward, plotting the direction constantly.  Ensuring accurate project information is received by key project stakeholders empowering them in turn to make the necessary plans / decisions against the backdrop provided by the project manager.

Reporting and Communication within a project cannot be emphasised enough, and the attributed success these two facets can bring to the project.

When the 'chips' are down the only person who can get the project out of the red is the project manager, by constantly managing, motivating, re-planning, reporting and ensuring that everybody continues to work together always knowing in the back of their minds what the end state is.  

The profile of this person needs to be strong and one who does not always require external motivation but rather is internally driven, as all eyes are on the project manager to ensure the successful delivery of the project.  Tools do not have the ability to drive a project team through the tough times, and know when and where to highlight issues to management.

I am in no way disputing the value of methodologies and software applications I am merely pointing out that they assist the project manager in the delivery of the project and not deliver the project regardless of the ability of a project manager.

The success rates of projects could be increased with providing existing project managers with the necessary interpersonal training granting them the insight into the untapped world of physically managing the project versus administering the project.

In conclusion the profile of a project manager can add tremendous value to the successful delivery of a project.

Samantha Copeland (c) 2008

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Systems Integrator - Blue Chip Financial Institution - 10 yrs
Portfolio Manager - Telecommunication Company - 2 years
Program Manager - Global Project Rollouts - Mining Company - 2 yrs
PMO Manager - Petrochemical Company - 2yrs

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PMP certified
Prince2 certified - Foundation and Practitioner
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