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P2ABC the first PRINCE2 styled methods for smaller projects Print
As PRINCE2™ is more widely used and applied in its complete format to smaller or less risky projects, users frequently see it as bureaucratic and heavy. PRINCE2™ should be tailored to meet the needs of each project which would prevent this problem but many Practitioners do not feel confident in this and when tailoring is attempted this can present the other team members with unfamiliar requirements and processes. P2ABC is the ideal solution for this problem and provides two-pre scaled methods AccessP2 and BasicP2 for small and mid size projects. When taken in conjunction with CompleteP2, the full OGC recommended PRINCE2™ method, this provides an organisation with a complete tool box to address its portfolio of projects.
This pre-scaled approach to PRINCE2™ provides an organisation with many advantages:


- Resource saving - many a smaller project has been killed, financially or technically, by over management but now management levels can be appropriate for the project

- Resource matching - match projects to PM capabilities and training, put your best PMs on the most difficult projects and use the smaller ones as a development process for new PMs

- Standardisation - a consistent approach to project delivery at each level breeds familiarity and confidence amongst teams and again reduces project costs

- PRINCE2™ based - consistent use of PRINCE2™ terms, concepts and documents throughout, provides familiarity for Practitioners and gentle adoption for other users

- Adjustable - this can be modified by each organisation with their own templates, tools and manuals to provide an exact fit to their project portfolio needs

P2ABC is fully supported by the PROJECT in a box software range and can therefore be used cost effectively as a personal set of methods with Community Edition or to create an enterprise wide project delivery culture with Professional Edition. All the methods use the easy and now familiar PROJECT in a box navigation, provide a full set of templates and a guidance manual is provided for AccessP2 and BasicP2. Another long term issue with PRINCE2™ has been addressed by the inclusion of financial management in the methods along with tools for project accounting and risk management.

P2ABC was launched on the 16th January 2006 and can be purchased on-line for just £50 from http://www.p2abc.org.uk/ to apply as an upgrade to the free Community Edition project management system.

2006 (c) Malcolm West

Managing Director
Prosis Solutions Ltd providers of PROJECT in a box

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About the Author

Malcolm West won the Sir Monty Finniston Award from the APM in 1999 for the work undertaken at AEA Technology plc to develop a broadly applicable pre-scaled project management methodology. This work included a PM competence and development model which tied into the pre scaled process model to provide a complete projects methodology.
Malcolm is an internationally experienced Mechanical Engineer who holds a Warwick Executive MBA. Business experience includes running PLC business units and several Limited companies and delivering software, engineering and consultancy projects for central and local government and a wide range of commercial organisations.

About PROJECT in a box

PROJECT in a box provide a range of project management software and support aids for the PRINCE2™ methodology. We are the only software vendor licensed by OGS/OSPI to include authentic PRINCE2™ material in our products. Since launch in February 2005 the PROJECT in a box brand has leapt to prominence in this field on the back of our products:

Community Edition - A free personal PRINCE2™ management system. Available by download from our website and provided by our Authorised training partners to their delegates, this already has over 5,000 users worldwide. This makes it used by more organisations and in more countries than any other PRINCE2™ software worldwide.

eCapacity Edition - Free to public sector organisations but aimed primarily at local authorities this personal project management system was developed in partnership with the e-Capacity Building Programme (an OGC/ODPM partnership) and is the recommended tool for local authority project managers.

Professional Edition - Providing the same ease of use features as our personal tools but scaled for full enterprise operations and capable of being run over the web for integration with partners and customers. This commercial product is already setting new standards for PRINCE2™ software and in conjunction with P2ABC provides a complete and user tailorable projects portfolio solution.

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