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Yes, all these ads are some kind of affiliate link and I get paid a commission if you click or buy.
Not enough to quit my day job, but it keeps the site alive.
- Jeb Riordan, Editor, PROJECTmagazine
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PROJECTmagazine - the on-line magazine for project managers, welcomes advertisements for products and services that will aid the professional project manager in his work.

Reach internet users who are specifically interested in Project Management.

Reader Demographics

Readers are well educated, male and female professional project managers over a wide age range, spread around the globe.

The results of a previous reader's survey

Gender:    Male 77%, Female 23%
Age range: Age 21 - 40   63%,    Age 41 - 60   34%

Occupation: Working project manager     57%,
              Wannabe a project manager   27%
Location:  North America 45%,  Europe 20%,
              Africa 13%,  Asia 12%
75% browse with MS Internet Explorer
24% use a Laptop PC

Advertisement Styles

Standard Banner Ad

size 468 X 60 pixels, located at top of page

The banner ad must be in .jpg or.gif format of maximum size 12 kb. Repeated animation is not accepted.

Billboard Ad

size 120 X 240 pixels, located in the left margin. The ad must be in .jpg or.gif format of maximum size 12 kb. Animation is not accepted.

Small Rectangle Ad

size 240 X 240 pixels, located in content area, above the fold. The ad must be in .jpg or .gif format of maximum size 12 kb. Animation is not accepted.

Large Button Ad

size 120 X 60 pixels, located in the left margin. The ad must be in .jpg or.gif format of maximum size 12 kb. Animation is not accepted.



The ad will appear on selected pages.

We guarantee a minimum of 25,000 impressions (page views). The ad will remain in place until that number is exceeded.

The ad is to be provided as a .jpg or.gif file sent by attachment to an email . Details of the required linking is to be provided in the email along with customer details and any special instructions

Ad position will depend on availability of location at time of order.

One change of ad per month is permitted and is free of charge.

We will advise when the ad is ready for publication.


Newsletter text ads

PROJECTmagazine distributes a monthly email newsletter to an opt-in mailing list generated through PROJECTmagazine online form

Newsletter sponsorship, regular or one-off text ads are welcome.

Ad specification

text only

5 lines of 60 characters per line

separated from newletter text by a line of ******** above and below the ad

can include url

positioned in top quarter of the newsletter



Terms of Payment

PROJECTmagazine use the PayPal email paying system.

Payment in advance is required.

In the first instance email with your requirements and agree the details of your ad campaign.
After all details agreed, PROJECTmagazine, will email you an invoice. Please quote this invoice number on all subsequent communications.


Banner Ad 468 X 60         USD 100

Billboard Ad 120 X 240     USD 100

Small Rectangle Ad 240 X 240        USD 120

Large Button Ad 120 X 60    USD 70

Newsletter Text Ad. One insertion    USD 100


PROJECTmagazine is very flexible in the way we can present your ad campaign.

Contact us for details: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Jeb Riordan

Editor, PROJECTmagazine

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