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Project managers who have profit and loss responsibility know how difficult it is to keep track of costs especially when expense approval is delegated to others. And usually we do an OK job of spending other people's money ourselves. But what happens at home, how good are we at budgeting our own hard earned income? Do we live paycheck to paycheck? Not because we do not earn enough, but because we do not control the spending.

There are many applications available for keeping Track of income versus expenditure. Most are overly complicated and require many hours of instruction and manual browsing before they can be used effectively. And in most cases they are too complex for the average family computer user.

So, if you need to keep track of the family's budget and Quicken is too complicated then do not despair for MyBudgetKeeper 1.0.2 has been released.


MyBudgetKeeper 1.0.2 is the perfect solution to improve awareness of where the family money goes. It is easy to use, has the look and feel of Windows XP and comes at a very competitive price.

The application is downloadable and can be installed in minutes.

At first glance you could think you were looking at Microsoft Outlook 2003 - the pane on the left for the program modules and the pane on the right for the data input and report viewing.


There is a comprehensive help function, although the english maybe not perfect, the screen shots are self explanatory.

The program has four modules:

- Incomes, shows where the money comes from and how much money each family member is contributing.

- Expenses module, is used to track where the money goes.

- Persons module, is used to enter information about family members. This feature also makes it possible to use the software for tracking expenses of any group of people, for example, employees, team members, charity fundraisers, etc.

- Reports module, is used to build reports. The reports can show income/expenses ratio, expenses by person, expenses by type and a variety of other reports.

One way to track expenses is by family member. All expenses can be split into "Personal" and "Family" groups.
Another way is by expense type. For instance, one can create "Car Expenses" entry and enter all gas, oil change, repair bills and car payments there.
And the end of the month (or any other reporting period) it becomes obvious who is the biggest spender and where all that money is going.


My Budget Keeper is uncomplicated and intuitive to use.

It's shareware and the bargain price is US$24.95.

So, what are you waiting for ? Buy Now!

Review by Jeb Riordan


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