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There you are, in front of your computer with your tenth cup of coffee of the morning. You're working on a special project for your team, when the unthinkable happens. Instead of that impeccably crafted project plan complete with Gantt charts, those carefully calculated earned value figures, or detailed report on the latest PSA software releases, you're seeing blue...


. . . A blue screen.

{mosadsense4joomla ad_layout="A"ad_align=""}Yep, your Windows PC's crashed. Crashed and burned even well before a certain well-known place freezes over. Naturally, it's happened right before you've had the chance to save the work you've been slaving over all morning.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a toolbox around (sans the shotgun for days like these!) that you could just whip out to fix the problems your machine is having?

Warm up that frozen PC (without the aid of your coffee!), with a powerful set of tools designed to fix your system and keep it running smoothly and error-free.

System Mechanic is a full arsenal of 15 tools designed to find and fix problems with your system, gain improved reliability and speed, and help you properly maintain your machine so that further problems don't occur.

Figure 1: System Mechanic Main Screen


Developed by the Pasadena, California-based iolo technologies, LLC, System Mechanic's non-intrusive tools come with an extensive range of features that are ideal for old and new PCs alike.
It enables you to safely clean your system registry -- Windows' internal database -- by finding and removing information that is no longer valid or has become obsolete. It is this information that accumulates over time, causing noticeable decreases in system performance. It also finds and effectively removes junk and other old files left behind by untidy programs, system freezes and sudden system restarts.
Duplicate data can also be dealt with easily through another tool that lets you find and remove space-wasting and error-producing duplicate files and drivers. You can search these files using various criteria and easily locate the information that should be removed.

System Mechanic's NetBooster tool (Figure 2) helps increase your Internet and network connection speeds by up to 300%. NetBooster works with and maximizes all Internet connections, including modems, DSL, cable modems, ISDNs, LANs, and even satellite connections. You'll see noticeable improvements during Internet sessions. Download speeds improve, and even those closet online gamers among you will see a difference.

Figure 2: NetBooster tool


The software's security tool has also been recently enhanced to provide greater privacy while surfing the Internet.
Since the places you visit on the Internet and the programs you run are automatically tracked, you can keep sensitive information secure by eliminating those tracks you leave behind.
The Incinerator tool also aids in the removal of sensitive files, folders and other data by allowing you to securely delete this information. It acts as a secondary and more secure Recycle Bin so that any private items can be safely dealt with and kept away from prying eyes.

Whenever a Windows PC is started, any number of applications also start up automatically. This can affect your computer's performance. System Mechanic's Windows Startup Manager tool allows you to add, remove, disable or enable all of the items that automatically start every time Windows does.

Another interesting tool that's included in System Mechanic is the Windows Customizer. This unique tool allows you to tweak and customize almost 100 undocumented settings in Windows that affect your PCs appearance, security and performance.

If you've ever clicked on a shortcut to find that the program it was originally linked to was gone or moved, System Mechanic will find and automatically fix Windows shortcuts. The Safe Installer tool gives you the ability to track and report on changes made to your system when you've installed programs. The software also locates and removes invalid uninstaller references for those times when you are attempting to uninstall a program and receive those error messages telling you that a particular file or component is missing.

System Mechanic also offers a number of other very useful features. Its scheduled maintenance tool provides you with a convenient way to schedule vital system "housekeeping" procedures to run automatically at designated intervals, helping your system to remain in top shape! All you need to do it set it, and then forget it. The software will take care of your machine without requiring you to be at the controls. The Maintenance Wizard wraps several key preventative maintenance functions into one simple process, providing a quick and easy way to perform these actions on a regular basis.

Figure 3: Maintenance Wizard


In order to keep track of what System Mechanic's tools have done to repair and maintain your PC, it also provides you with complete reports of all actions performed with every tool. These logs track such things as the files that have been found and removed, references in the registry that have been removed, shortcuts that have been fixed, and so on. They are an excellent way to historically monitor what takes place in the program.

As a flagship product of iolo technologies, System Mechanic helps Windows PC users get the best performance out of their machines. The company has often stated that this utility will sort out those "blue screens of death", the dreaded blue screens you often get when the Windows operating system crashes. They are certainly true to their word!

With its easy to use interface and powerful capabilities to protect and maintain your PC, you really can't go wrong with System Mechanic. The only real glitch stands in that it doesn't offer a defrag tool. The addition of defragmentation capabilities would be greatly welcomed by many users who have gone head to head with Windows default defrag tool and have come up less than happy.

The great thing about System Mechanic is that you can download a 30-day trial version. Having said this, what you get here is a fully functional trial version, not a program that offers a little bit here and a little bit there with the hopes that what you get will entice you to then order the product.

Should you decide you can't live without System Mechanic, purchasing this software certainly won't break the bank or your budget. It's volume-licensed on a per computer basis, and is available for $59.95 per single license with discounts on bulk purchases.

For those of you who run a number of PCs on the enterprise level, System Mechanic is also available in a portable version. System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit is ideal for consultants, VARs, technicians, and MIS-IT managers who need to keep any number of PCs running smoothly and error-free. It is designed to be run directly from CD-ROM with no local installation required. The CD is simply inserted into the machine to be serviced, the maintenance is performed, and the CD is then removed to go on to the next computer. System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit is priced at $299.95 with additional CDs available for $99.95 each.

As a testament to its outstanding performance, System Mechanic continues to gain a large number of followers, both in the form of excellent customer testimonials and awards by leading IT publications. In a recent review by the highly renowned CNet, System Mechanic received an editors' rating of 7.5, surpassing other competitors in the utilities software category. 76% of users recommended the program, showing just how popular and well developed this software is. In addition, System Mechanic has received a number of other awards and recognitions, including a 5-star editors' pick from ZDNet, a Home Office Computing Gold Award, and a PC World Editor's Pick award. It's also been honoured by Microsoft, receiving its "Designed for Windows XP" logo.

With a record like this, if you want the best for your computer, run, don't walk, to the iolo web site or to one of the leading retailers now stocking this outstanding utility.

Stop seeing red . . . and blue!


Web site: http://www.iolo.com/

System Specs:

  • Pentium 66MHz system or better
  • Windows 95/NT 4/Me/2000/XP
  • 1.5MB hard drive space
  • 32MB RAM
  • CD- or DVD-ROM drive
  • 256-colour video display

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  • Norton SystemWorks
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  • VCOM SystemSuite

System Mechanic
receives a PROJECTmagazine rating of
5 bananas

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