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No one reading this article will have failed to notice just how much the way we work has changed over the years, and it would be fair to say new technology and the Internet has had much to do with that.

Need to Get Your Project Team Together?

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Web site: http://www.projectplace.com

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  • Pentium based PC or better
  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000/Me
  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
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A prime example of this is the world of project management and the mind-boggling number of software tools now available.

It almost makes you wonder how people ever coped without them.
More recently, the increased reliance on the Internet in business, combined with an upsurge in the use of remote workforces, has helped create a new breed of software that exploits the benefits of the Internet and enables users to collaborate online.
As a result, many of the new project management software tools are beginning to offer Internet-based features alongside the usual array of features we have come to expect.

A company called Projectplace International AB has gone a step further and have created Projectplace.com, not a software product per se, but a virtual online office for your team members to utilise.
It's the place to meet and work on your company's most vital projects, no matter where you are located.

The greatest advantage of the Internet is that it brings us all closer together so that having project team members who may be 3,500 miles apart is no longer a disadvantage.
If you can collaborate and work together online, it's almost as good as being in the same room, and that is just what Projectplace.com has to offer.
It offers you a virtual meeting place, your own virtual office for your team members to share documents and files, schedule and hold meetings, establish project schedules, assign tasks and to-do lists, and hold online discussions in the included threaded discussion forum.
You can use the standards-based, open architecture Projectplace offers to complement your current project management, office, contact management, CAD, and design software applications.

Projectplace benefits greatly from the inclusion of a joint document archive.
Plans, drawings, schedules, and calculations can be worked on and shared with the project team.
Projectplace is compatible with Microsoft Office 2000, so documents can be edited on your desktop, then simply dragged and dropped into the shared archive on the Internet.
A personal archive is also included so individual project members have a place to store their own documents.
Document templates are included and can be stored within the archive so that commonly used documents can quickly be accessed by anyone.

Projectplace also provides a project calendar with many of the scheduling features you would expect, such as the ability to create project milestones, arrange meetings, and plot project progress.
You can also list important information such as status, resources, priorities, deadlines, and Gantt Charts.

Task options enable tasks to be defined, resources allocated, and deadlines established, so task progress can then be monitored by all project members.

Projectplace contains everything you expect to see in a regular project management tool, but is all based online.

A contacts journal is also included so all project members can build up a list of external contacts so everyone can have access to the same list of people and notes can be recorded with the contacts to build up a contact history.
Emails can easily be sent to any contacts or team members.
The SMS messenger service feature allows mobile phone text messages to be sent to anyone on your team, so you're covered.

Projectplace couldn't be easier to use.
With the standard Windows-based interface, you don't have to be a computer guru or even a project management expert to get to grips with it.
You won't need expensive, high spec computer equipment since everything is stored and worked with online.
All you need is an Internet connection. With its large bandwidth, high capacity connections, and fail-over support, Projectplace should be accessible 24x7, 365 days a year, and offers multiple language support in English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch.
It is also highly secure with password protection so that only those you allow can have access to your project information.
All databases are secure and any information stored there is automatically encrypted.
Automatic logging off is also included so no one can accidentally obtain access to your project place simply because you forgot to log off.

Projectplace is the brainchild of Projectplace International AB, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company.
They first came up with the idea of a pay-per-use project collaboration tool in 1998.
They are one of the new breeds of ASP providers established to provide online project management tools and collaboration services that your project teams can access and utilise by means of the shared project place concept.
Currently, the company operates in 25 countries and has over 4,000 companies using their Projectplace technology.

The pricing system is set up so that you only have to pay for what you need when you need it, depending on the size of your projects.
You pay $10 per month per user for the first ten users, and there are slight price reductions the more users you have.
You are initially allocated 50 MB of storage space, but this can be increased in 10 MB increments for $6 per month for every 10 MB.
Reductions are also available if you're willing to prepay your subscription for three months or more.

Projectplace also offers a range of other upgrade options which users can access easily as and when they see fit.

A demo version is available so you can get to grips with just what Projectplace has to offer, and your first project is available for free just so you can be sure Projectplace is for you.
Projectplace believes you should be able to get started with them in only two minutes.

Without a shadow of the doubt, ASP-based software is the up and coming method for software utilisation and distribution.
In the field of project management, Projectplace is one of the first groups to exploit this technology to its full advantage.
They offer a way to destroy geographical boundaries to get together online, and provide a range of project management features that would make many conventional project management tools feel quite inadequate.

By doing away with the need for an expensive high-end computer system, heavy investment in expensive software and personnel to roll it out then maintain it, you can just rent what you need when you need it, and that could be a big advantage to many companies.

OK, so it's not the best project management tool ever made, but it was never really designed to be. If you combine Projectplace with your existing project management software, you get the best of both worlds, high-end project management and a range of online project management features that are second to none.

It really is the place to be, so we'll see you there!

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