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Bring Your Team Into Your Virtual World with TeamCenter and Find Strength in Numbers!

One of the greatest benefits the Internet has to offer businesses is its ability to bypass geographic boundaries, enabling your employees to communicate with one another, no matter how spread out around the world they might be.

Web site: http://www.inovie.com

System Specs:

Alternatively try

  • Server

  • 400 MHz Pentium system or higher
  • 300 MB hard disk space plus space for document management vault.
  • 96 MB RAM or higher
  • Windows NT 4.0/2000
  • Sun Solaris 2.5 or better
  • Linux or other Unix
  • Apache, Netscape, MS IIS/PWS or Caucho web servers
  • JDBC compatible Database
  • Client

  • 300 MHz Pentium system or higher
  • 5 MB free disk space
  • 64 MB RAM or higher
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000
  • Mac OS 7.6 or higher
  • Solaris 2.5 or higher
  • Linux or other Unix
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or higher
  • AEC FastTrack
  • Artemis Views
  • Cogentex Project Reporter
  • ELabor Enterprise Project
  • ERoom Technology ERoom 5.0
  • Microsoft Project 2000
  • Milestones Professional 2000
  • Primavera TeamPlay
  • WebProject's WebProject
  • Welcom WelcomHome

{mosadsense4joomla ad_layout="A"ad_align=""}Nowadays, technology has become so advanced that companies can hold meetings, conferences, and even work on tasks together online in real time through what has become known as e-workplaces.
The advantages of collaboration for working more efficiently, effectively, and enabling vital team members to get together no matter where they are geographically located has been quickly seized upon in project management.

Project management software developers like Microsoft, Primavera, and WebProject have already added such features to their latest software releases. Yet, the first company to see the benefits of this idea are the acknowledged leaders of project management Internet team building: Inovie software.
They have recently released the fifth major version of TeamCenter, their flagship product.

TeamCenter 4.0 is essentially a project management and online collaboration tool.
It is designed specifically for companies that rely on teamwork to complete their projects. It gives them an online meeting place to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate their work where they previously might not have had a means for getting together on projects.

When it was first released in 1998, TeamCenter was regarded as the first product of its type to provide project teaming via the Internet. It offers a completely open architecture and is 100% pure Java. It is platform-independent, runs on a server, and can be accessed over the Internet or company intranet via your web browser.

TeamCenter prides itself on being able to provide a secure web-based environment for your team members to work in.
It utilises a series of project workplaces that have their own designated owners. As an owner, you can then invite other project members in, assign any access privileges if needed, and determine if available information is read-only or if anyone has the right to edit project data.

Encryption features are used when transferring data to ensure it remains secure. This should help prevent unauthorised access to any vital part of your project information, as well as offer a high degree of personalisation because users only have to access the areas of the project they need.

As you would expect from any self-respecting project management tool, TeamCenter offers full Gantt chart scheduling for showing the big picture and enables drilldown to establish dates, milestones, constraints, task hierarchies, and project progress.
Resource management features have also been enhanced. Skill sets can now be assigned to team members so the right tasks can be given to the person best suited to the job. A time card feature can be utilised to track the amount of time spent on a given project.
A range of templates and reporting features are provided, including a report designer for creating customised reports to suite your organisations needs.

In addition, the reporting capabilities offer increased flexibility to provide you with up to date project information and statistics. Executive summaries have also been added to furnish managers and executives with current information regarding project status and provide warnings of any impending problems. TeamCenter is one of the most scalable products of its type, and is able to handle thousands of users, making it ideal for almost any size corporation.

The key benefit of TeamCenter is its ability to provide a virtual meeting place so project team members can come together online in real time to develop new projects, share documents, produce and review project information, exchange ideas, and discuss project progress easily, even if they are dispersed half way around the world.

Inovie have developed a feature they call Team Native, and it has been enhanced for this new version. Team Native is designed to enhance web-based project collaboration and speed up team work by enabling any number of people to work on the same screen at the same time. Everyone can work together, and all changes can be seen immediately as they happen.
It enables the use of features such as collaborative notebooks and real time group discussions for greater flexibility and control over projects. Document collaboration and management create an online repository of vital project information so it can be accessed by anyone, at any time, and from any location.

This latest version of TeamCenter is available for $15,000 per server or $350 per user.
Compared to other products on the market, this does make TeamCenter a more expensive choice, but considering the mind boggling range of features it offers, it is probably the safest investment.
You can host TeamCenter on your own network or utilise it through ASP hosting, Inovie will be more than happy to discuss your options and pricing details with you.

This newest release of TeamCenter has been seen by some as perhaps more of an e-workplace tool than a project management tool along the lines most of us are used to.
But then, that's what makes TeamCenter so different. It does still offer all the major features you would expect to see in any top of the line project management tool.
Of course, TeamCenter will not be for everyone, but this type of product is increasingly being seen as the future for global corporate project management.

If effective teamwork matters to you; your business is reliant on telecommuting, third party collaboration, or disparate team members; and you have never been able to figure out how to get the right people together at the right time to complete your projects, TeamCenter could be the answer to your prayers.

Sure, it is expensive, but it really could not be easier to use. Its security features, effectiveness in sharing information, ability for users to work in real time, cross platform compatibility, web accessibility, and proven pedigree has to make TeamCenter the top choice for the discerning project manager.

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