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For many of you designated with the task of setting up and planning your organisation's latest project, most of you would probably agree that the hardest part isn't ensuring your deadlines are met or that you haven't gone over budget.
In many instances, the difficult area of planning any project is just getting started.

Project Need A Swift Kick Up the Backside?

Experience In Software Might Just have the Size Nines to Help!

Web site: http://www.projectkickstart.com

System Specs:

Alternatively try

  • 166 MHz Pentium based PC or better
  • 10MB hard disk space
  • 32MB RAM or higher
  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000/Me
  • CD-ROM drive
  • VGA display or better
  • AEC FastTrack
  • Microsoft Project 2000
  • Milestones Professional 2000
  • Project Scheduler
  • Primavera Project Planner (P3)
  • Primavera SureTrak

You may need to brainstorm ideas or just be able to stop and think about where the project is going to go, who is going to carry it out, and what potential obstacles you might face. If you can iron out some of these issues before you start, it might just make life easier in the long run. The problem with some project management tools is that they get so caught up in managing the project itself. They don't stop and think about that all-important first planning phase, a phase that could potentially make or break any project.

A simple, easy to use, yet comprehensive planning tool could make the difference to a lot of projects, and if you think your project planning could do with a kick start, then one company called Experience In Software, Inc. might just have the size nines to help in the form of Project KickStart 3.

Project KickStart is highly versatile and can handle projects that involve up to 1,000 tasks and 100 resources.

It approaches project planning from what the company identifies as an eight step planning process, defined as Name, Phases, Goals, Similar, People, Obstacles, Assign, and Tasks.

These are displayed as icons in a side bar down the left hand side of the screen. This arrangement makes it extremely easy for you to switch between steps and is designed to keep you focused on the essential structure of your project.
You then simply work your way through each step. You can enter the name of your project; establish who will be working on it; define phases, goals, and tasks; assign tasks; and even consider any potential obstacles so you can avoid them before they happen.

Project KickStart utilises a range of special libraries that contain a range of common project phases, goals, and obstacles that can be added to your projects.
This is ideal if you often utilise the same goals and phases time and time again. You can also store your own company information in these libraries, so all commonly used information is only a mouse click away and will become more suited to your needs the more you use it.
This makes Project KickStart perfect for anyone not used to project planning.

Project KickStart also utilises those much-loved Gantt Charts, so timelines can be created for each of the project tasks you have developed.
This can give you a much clearer overview of your project schedule, enabling you to make any final adjustments you deem necessary.
A 'done' tool has been included so you always know where you stand with the status of your project, and the bump tool allows you to adjust your schedule as and when the need arises.

Project KickStart is also capable of linking with a range of other project management tools such as MS Project, Milestones, and Primavera SureTrak among others. You can use the plan and schedule you have created in KickStart with your usual management tool if you require more advanced features in the actual management phase or if you feel your project is just a little too large for KickStart to handle.
This option can provide you with a more comprehensive project management solution.

Your plan can also be incorporated into any MS Office application or saved as HTML for posting to the Internet, so anyone within your organisation can have access to your project schedule. The usual reporting features have also been incorporated to get your project plan down on paper for presentation to the powers that be.

Project KickStart really could not be easier to use.
It features the familiar Windows-based interface, and the reliance upon "drag and drop" and fill-in-the-boxes technology should mean that even the project management novice or upper management executive should be up and running with the package in no time.

The package includes a project advisor and ideas generator as well as ten sample projects that serve as ideal teaching aides for beginners, but can also be used to keep even the most experienced project manager on track.

The fuss is taken out of project planning and the simple straightforward approach it takes is certainly refreshing. This means that those not normally used to project management can still take an active role in project planning without having to get caught up too much in the more technical and complicated aspects of the process that Project KickStart so effectively handles.

Compared to many other similar packages, Project KickStart is an absolute bargain at only US $129.95, and existing registered users can upgrade for only US $59.95.
There are also academic pricing options available if you contact the company directly.
The program comes with a complete 60-day money back guarantee, and free technical support is also offered. If you're still not certain it's for you, a 20-day evaluation version is available from the company web site so you can put Project KickStart through its paces.

Project KickStart is an application that is being raved about by software reviewers and professional project managers alike, as it has something to offer both the experienced and novice project manager.
Many people cannot believe just how easy this program can make project planning and scheduling. It has even been suggested that you should be able to create an impressive plan within half an hour. This claim might be a little optimistic, but it certainly isn't far off the mark.

It has been criticised for being a little simplistic, but if it makes your life simpler, why knock it? It has also been argued that it can't handle large projects, but then it was never supposed to. It can take small projects from planning to completion.
However, don't be fooled; this is not really a full project management tool in the ilk of some of the others on the market. It is simply what it says, a kick-start tool or a means of getting your project started.

The real advantage comes when you use it with a more comprehensive project management tool. You should then have an unbeatable combination. With its retail price as well as the offer of the free 20-day trial, Project KickStart really is a must try!

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