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MinuteMan 6.3a - from MinuteMan Systems, Inc. Print
Fighting A Losing Battle With Your Projects?

Call in the Reinforcements - The Minute Man Is On His Way!

The Minute Men were the American soldiers of the War of Independence,
famous for the speed at which they could spring into action should the need arise. This makes for an appropriate namesake for MinuteMan, a project management tool designed to help users put together project schedules in minutes and mobilise projects almost as fast as the Minute Men themselves mobilised all those years ago.

Website: http://www.minuteman-systems.com

System Specs:

Alternatively try

  • Any Pentium system or higher
  • 20MB hard disk space
  • 32MB RAM or higher
  • Windows 3.x/95/98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000/Me
  • Artemis Views
  • ELabor Enterprise Project
  • Hydra Development Corporation Hydra
  • Innovie TeamCenter
  • Microsoft Project 2000
  • Milestones Professional 2000
  • Primavera Project Planner
  • Primavera SureTrak
  • WebProject's WebProject
  • Welcom Open Plan Professional


MinuteMan is designed to keep life simple.
It concentrates solely on the basics of project management, making the package easy to get to grips with and organising projects and creating schedules a quick and straight forward process.
The standard tools you would expect to see are all here, enabling users to create schedules in Outline, PERT, or Timeline graphical formats.
Users create an outline of the schedule detailing the work that needs to be done and this can then be kept as an outline chart or viewed in PERT or TimeLine format or vice versa, depending on your preferences.
From this, an overview can also be created to keep track of the project as a whole. MinuteMan can support up to 1000 separate project tasks.
Budget and Resource tracking features have also been included to help assign personnel according to name or job title and track expenditures or material use. You can even schedule when materials are needed so you know exactly what to buy in a few months time or when costs will occur.

Extra features include a reporting function that can automatically create concise reports for printing or emailing to whoever needs to view them. Files can be exported to popular word processors or spreadsheets, and the newest version even offers file support for MS Project.
A notes feature enables messages or important information to be added to elements of your project plan. Most impressively, a subprojects feature has also been included which allows projects to be divided up according to tasks and enables related tasks to be linked together.
MinuteMan is extremely easy to use and the graphical interface is comfortable to get a handle on, but a help file has been included just in case you need it.

MinuteMan is designed as a piece of shareware that can be downloaded directly from the MinuteMan Systems web site.
It is available as a fully functional evaluation version that will run for 21 days to give potential customers a real chance to decide if MinuteMan works for them. If you like the product, you can then register your program with MinuteMan Systems for only US$ 49.95, which can be done via the web site, or alternatively by phone or fax.
If MinuteMan is to be used in an educational environment, or if you require more than ten copies, reduced rates are available.
Compared to many of its project management competitors, MinuteMan is extremely well priced, making it one of the least expensive packages you're ever likely to find.
Yet, it's hard to get away from the old adage, "You get what you pay for", and while MinuteMan does deal with the basics of project management quite well, the higher price of its competitors is compensated by the simple fact that you do get much more for your money.

MinuteMan has been designed specifically to be a no frills package that is comprehensive but easy to use. Purposely, it has done away with many of the more complex and perhaps less used features available in its competitors. MinuteMan does what it does very well, but a lack of features such as Internet functionality, data analysis options, and notification features are all conspicuously absent and leaves a package that just does not go far enough for most project management needs, which is a shame.

If you're looking for an introduction to the delights of project management software, working on a limited budget, or simply feel that you do not need all the extras offered in some of the other packages, then the evaluation version of MinuteMan is probably well worth a look.
Serious and seasoned project managers who spend their lives trying to implement and resolve increasingly complex projects would probably be disappointed with MinuteMan as compared to packages such as Artemis Views, Primavera SureTrak, or Hydra Development Corp.'s Hydra.
MinuteMan is not even in the same sport, yet alone the same league! As it just does not offer anywhere near the range of time saving features project managers have come to expect in their software.
MinuteMan does have the advantage of its ability to work adequately on even the lowest specification PCs and laptops, so it could have some use as a backup package or put on a laptop for project management on the road where system resources might be at a minimum.
Realistically however, most project managers would do better investing a little more cash and choosing one of MinuteMan's more sophisticated rivals.

Minute Man is a solid, if basic, project management solution. It offers value for money and a good learning curve, but lets itself down by just not offering anywhere near the level of firepower we might have expected.
It might suit the needs of some people, but this isn't one for the shortlist.

Minuteman 6.3a
receives a PROJECTmagazine rating of
2 bananas

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