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Those of you up on your classics will be well aware of who Artemis was.
According to Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Zeus, sister of Apollo, goddess of fertility and chastity, and goddess of the hunt, making her quite an appropriate namesake for a company specialising in project management solutions.

From Artemis Management Systems.

Web site: http://www.artemispm.com


System Specs:

Alternatively try

  • Pentium 133MHz system or higher
  • 40MB hard disk space
  • 32MB RAM
  • Open SQL database compatibility
  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or later
  • Windows 2000
  • Solaris
  • HP-UX
  • ELabor Enterprise Project
  • Innovie TeamCenter
  • Microsoft Project 2000
  • Milestones Professional 2000
  • Primavera Project Planner
  • Primavera SureTrak
  • Primavera Team Play
  • WebProject's WebProject
  • Welcom Open Plan Professional


After all, many project managers view projects as if they were their babies and are almost as protective. The effort involved bringing a project to fruition can be almost as hair raising as childbirth or as frustrating as raising a teenager. Many project managers would sometimes wish they had a hunter of the skill of Artemis to handle some of their more pressing problems, or when they are seriously up the creek, an extra god to pray to would probably come in handy!

Seriously though, for those who need a little extra something in their project management corner, Artemis Views 4 could prove to be the answer to your prayers.

Artemis Views 4 is a large scale project management solution designed specifically to work across a whole organisation and is ideal for those who have to manage multiple projects, across multiple locations, and with multiple team members.
It enables the powers that be to track what is going on, no matter how spread out the projects might be, as well as have project information quickly and easily communicated from one location to another.

Artemis Views 4, much like its goddess namesake, is a product of many parts.
It includes four main modules, each designed to deal with specific areas of project management.
Views 4 is comfortable and easy to use and is based around the familiar Windows interface.

The package has been specifically designed around project management roles, so those responsible for different project roles can take responsibility for different modules of the program.
These modules are Track View, Cost View, Global View, and Project View.
Each gives a separate yet equally important view of your project world.

Track View is essentially a resource and project tracking tool.
It enables you to keep up on resource allocation, how projects are progressing, and even keep an eye on the numerous project members you employ, no matter how geographically spread out they might be.
This is where workers' timesheet data can be entered and given to those responsible for monitoring it, so that the work put in by employees and even independent contractors can be approved, recorded, or even assigned, no matter where they might be located.

Cost View as you might expect, is a financial tracking tool, but it has teeth.
It allows you to examine the financial aspects of resource allocation and project progress.
You can look at specific projects and analyse costs, determine if there are any financial problems, and ensure each project is keeping to budget.
You can also analyse the organisation's financial resources as a whole to keep track of your status and hopefully head off any financial disasters before they happen.
If you are working on a global scale, Cost View can even handle and combine a range of international currencies, so you don't have to scratch your head or keep on top of the exchange rates.

Project View is the core of the application, designed to quickly and easily plan and organise your range of new projects.
It allows multiple projects to be worked on simultaneously and an overview can be maintained at all times.
Projects can be combined and organised via priority, then managed consistently and effectively and resources can be sent to where they are needed most to ensure that nothing ever falls by the wayside.
An early warning system known as Active Alert has been included to give project managers a heads up for any impending doom and gives them the chance to rectify the situation before the worst happens.
It can automatically notify project managers by email or even web site publication as soon as its trend analysis feature detects that a problem such as missing deadlines, limited resources, or over budgeting occurs, enabling the problem to be nipped in the bud before it wreaks havoc.

Global View has been included to provide data analysis and project reporting.
It can provide a range of project information in a multitude of formats quickly and easily to those who need it. It enables supervisors and managers to keep on top of what is going on around them and keeps the senior executives in the loop regarding project progress and problems.
It provides a wonderful overview of your organisation's complete project status and allows you to highlight areas that might need further assistance or investigation and then view them in greater detail.
Information can be put into reports and as you might expect, there is a range of templates, graphical features, and reporting tools.
Information can be printed, emailed, posted on the web, or made into briefing books enabling easy access for all those who need that specific information.

Artemis is designed to be highly customisable and flexible.
Each of the four 'views' can be used independently by those who need the particular information that module provides, so those responsible for finance don't have to worry about project planning for example, unless those areas cross over into their own concerns.
Users don't have to wade through lots of superfluous information to get to what they need, which is a big bonus.
Should Views not entirely offer what you need, it is compatible with other project management tools or other Artemis packages such as KnowledgePlan.
One of the drawbacks, though, is its lack of Internet functionality, so that you can't hold net meetings. This is a big surprise for a supposedly global project management tool. However, if you link it up with MS Project 2000, you get an increased range of Internet options and the best of every possible project management world.

Artemis Views 4 is designed by Artemis Management Systems, one of the world's largest project management software providers.
They have offices in more than 25 countries and provide project management solutions for some of the world's biggest companies, so they certainly have the pedigree.
They offer a trial version of Artemis Views on CD-ROM, which is well worth a look. Taking it for a spin around the block is certainly advisable, as Views will not suit everyone. Larger companies with multiple offices or those responsible for multiple projects will wonder how they ever got on without Artemis Views.

Be warned though, this is not an inexpensive package. For the full price to suit your needs, you must contact Artemis directly, but to give you an idea as to the sort of bashing your wallet can take, the new Active Alert feature on its own is retailing for around $25,000.

Overall, Artemis Views does deserve its god like status, and Artemis herself probably wishes she had the same ability to track her prey and forecast problems before they happened.
The familiar Windows interface makes it straight forward to use and it is one of the few project management packages to try a role-related module system, and it does work, taking pressure off and making life much more straight forward for each project management department.
Its lack of Internet functionality is a bit of a let down, but this can be easily remedied if you also own Microsoft Project.
It is without a doubt expensive, but then you do tend to get what you pay for.

As a project manager, if you have been looking for a package to make life easier and keep you and your team ahead of the game and if your wallet can take the pounding, then check out Artemis Views 4.

Artemis Views 4
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4 bananas


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