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Practical Project Management All-In-One Methodology

Recently, I downloaded the 14 day free trial of Method123's project management methodology system, called MPMM.

25Mb zipped file, no problem, double click and off it goes, automatic installer does what its supposed to do and hey presto, the opening flash screen.
It's for PC users only. Sorry no MAC version yet.

According to the people over at Method123, who quote The Standish Group, over 70% of projects fail to deliver on time, within budget and to specification.

MPMM citing the most common cause as the lack of a standard project management methodology,

without which:

  • Deliverables are built without scope or objectives
  • Communication rules undefined, roles and responsibilities unclear
  • Quality and acceptance targets not set
  • And project managers manage 'on the fly'

So what is MPMM?

projectmanagementtemplates_1It's a self contained practical project management methodology that takes you by the hand and describes in detail all the tasks and activities, the processes and phases that you have to go through to take a project from initiation through to closure.

In fact the whole project life cycle.

Its suitable for all sizes of projects, meaning you can scale it up or down to fit the requirements of the project. And of course the application guides you as to what is a small, medium or large project and then recommends the activities and documents that are needed to successfully manage it.

It's also not industry specific. Banking, engineering, telecommunications, retail projects can all benefit from using this tool.
And while the phases, activities, and tasks are aligned with the principles described in the PMI PMBOK Guide, MPMM is also aligned with the UK PRINCE2 project management standards.

MPMM steps you through the entire project life cycle showing you how to initiate, plan, execute and close a project effectively. All the project phases, activities and tasks are described in detail and document templates and checklists are provided to help you through the maze.

So how do you use it?

practical project management templatesWhen you first open the application the screen is split into three sections.

To the left is a folder and file structure of the methodology. Everything you need is there.

To the right is the help section with clickable links directing you to the tasks you will be interested in.

And the middle section is your working area, tabs along the top opening up pages and pages of information and examples and templates.

Clicking on the road map tab will display a process map of the whole project management methodology. From start to end, in columns, for initiation, planning, execution, closure and all the boxes clickable taking you to the detailed description and `How to" areas.

But take a look at the examples tab. My gosh! Literally hundreds of real examples of how to create best practice documentation. Each example unique and based on real-life experiences of real-life project managers across a wide range of industries.

The menu bar looks like any other window application menu bar and from the help tab you can
Watch a 4 minute video from MPMM or work through a comprehensive tutorial

In the Pro version you can even import/export your own methodology, but that's for another time.

So, how to start?

practical project management methodologyBest place is the road map. A clickable process map of the whole project management methodology.

The first task is "Develop a Business Case", click on the box and a detailed description shows you what to do and how to do it, from:-

  • identifying the business opportunity
  • seeking alternative solutions
  • cost benefit analysis
  • recommended solutions
  • and describing the implementation approach for the chosen solution

And then there is a template, an example of a completed template and a link to the next step.

By following this step-by-step approach you are sure to not miss anything out and by reviewing the example documents you're sure to produce quality documents for your own project.

All documents can be created in html or in MS Word. Creating, editing and saving of documents does take a little time to understand what is happening but after you've created a few documents it takes no time at all.

You can also create new documents and import documents into the file system

All in all a very comprehensive and self contained way to manage projects.

You can download a free 14 day trial version of the MPMM project management methodology. Unfortunately because it is a free trial some of the functions do not work.

However it will give you a good introduction to the system and for sure you will be wanting more.

So, head on over to Project Management Methodology and Process and download your free trial today

An entire Practical Project Management Methodology for Project Managers. Every phase, activity and task within the Project Life cycle is described in depth, helping you to deliver projects faster and more efficiently than before.

Practical Project Management Methodology, MPMM from Method 123 is awarded 4 bananas out of five

practical project management template

Reviewed by Jeb Riordan, Editor, PROJECTmagazine