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123-Project is an easy-to-use, and inexpensive, program to keep track of a list of multiple projects. For each project, you can
- Track start and end dates and durations
- Identify resources; headcount and expenditures.
You can view a Timeline for your projects (also called a "Gantt Chart").
You can generate numerous text and graphics reports for individual projects and do roll-ups across all projects.


123-Project works on lists of projects. You open or create one list at a time. A list can have up to 200 projects in it. There is no limit on the number of project list files you can store on your computer.


Very basic is an understatement: No tasks, no dependency links. The highest summary level of a project can be tracked. But remember; that's what it is designed for.

project start date, end date or duration can be recorded. Resources can be allocated including cost of resources.


It is possible to identify resource over-use (on 2 projects simultaneously.)

Percent complete can be recorded; either 0,25,50,75 or 100%. From that an 'Earned Value' is calculated.

The program has two primary ways of viewing a project list – the “summary” view and the Timeline view. In either view, there is also a Report Generator for creating reports that may be printed or output as text files.


The reports displayed on the screen may be sent to a text file or printed using the buttons in the upper left hand corner. Reports, which may be selected from the SELECT REPORT: Pull Down Menu include;
Project Data - This report presents the schedule information for all tasks in sequential order.
The Headcount, Expenditures, Notes and Predecessors (Links) may each be optionally included or excluded in the report.


Cost Summary - This report lists the people and expenditures used across all projects.

Expenditures - This lists discrete purchases, by project and totaled, across the project list. It may be used to track one-time purchases, general cash usage, and also key components that must be bought.

Headcount: This lists personnel utilization, by project and totaled, across the project list.


Earned Value - This provides a way to view overall project progress by tracking the financial "worth" against budget of tasks as their completion is recorded.

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