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Managing High-Technology Programs & Projects 3rd Edition Print
Ten years after the second edition was first published, comes a totally revised and updated third edition. Author: Russell D. Archibald

hard cover
approx 160 X 240 X 35 mm
approx 390 pages
ISBN 0-4712-6557-8
First published 2003 by John Wiley & Sons Inc. NJ 07030

Fundamental project management has not changed much in the last ten years. However the way we do things certainly has and this edition discusses:
- The advent of the Internet
- The increased emphasis on project management methodologies
- Recognition that projects are the primary means for implementating business strategies
- Increasing recognition amd responsibilities of the Project management office
- Maturation of the project management profession with the development of several bodies of project management knowledge
- Development of more powerful integrated project management software
- Management of a collection of projects in a project portfolio or program
- Greater recognition of resource constraints, theory of constraints and critical chain conceptes
- The wider and more formalised use of risk analysis.

The book is in two parts.

Part 1 -"Executive Guide to Program and Project Management", is directed to senior executives including those responsible for the project management function and the managers of project managers.
It provides the senior executive with an understanding of:
- The role that projects play in an organisation's strategic direction
- The nature and characteristics of projects and programs
- The ways to improve an organisation's project management capabilities
- The three basic concepts that underlies modern project management; integrative roles, integrative and predictive planning and control processes and project team work
- Organising the project management office
- Managing project portfolios, programs and multiple projects.

Comprehensive information on team building is included with strategies for overcoming barriers to success.
Checklists are also included to help senior executives achieve continual improvement and development of thier organisations' project management capabilities.

"CEO Demands" at the end of each chapter presents summaries of what executives must demand of their management team members to acheive the full power of effective, integrated project management.

Part 2 - "Managing Specific Projects", contains detailed information for guidance and use in establishing practices and procedures for projects. It is directed to project, program and other managers and also project team members.
It discusses:
- Organising the project office and the project team
- Planning and initiating projects
- Project team planning and project start-up
- Authorising and controlling the work, schedule and costs
- Project interface management
- Evaluating, directing and closing out the project

An appendix, co-authored by Vladimir Liberzon, PMP, MSc., general director of Spider Management Technologies, presents a concept for effective project management based on successful experience in using advance planning and analysis methods coupled with advanced software. The described methods are illustrated with a simple case study and comparisons are made between resource analysis, probablity analysis and earned value analysis by simulating the execution of the case study.

Forget the flippant style of the "...for Dummies" books or the basic content of most "How To" books.
This is one heavy duty text book with a price tag to match.
$100 at Amazon.com the last time I looked.
However, it is by far the most comprehensive, practical and easy to understand reference book on project management principles that I have seen to date.

Russel D. Archibald, the author, has held engineering and executive positions in the US defense/aerospace, refinery construction and operation, automotive manufacturing and telecommunications industries.
Since 1982 he has consulted in project management to companies and agencies in twelve countries on four continents. He is an original founding trustee and member of the Project Management Institute.

Managing High-Technology Programs & Projects 3rd Edition
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