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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) April 28, 2003: 5:33 PM EDT -
An investigation into wrongdoing on Wall Street climaxed Monday when 10 securities firms agreed to pay $1.4 billion and change the way they do business by separating stock market research from investment banking.

Author: Rebecca Barnett


150mm X 225mm
Approx 200 pages
ISBN 1 932203 16 8

The deal between the firms -- including Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs -- and securities regulators from around the nation ends an embarrassing stretch for an industry accused of deceiving investors with tainted stock market research designed to win investment banking fees.

"I am profoundly saddened and angered by the conduct that is alleged," said William Donaldson, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who spoke at a Washington news conference.

...And the saga continues. It didn't start with Enron or Andersen nor will it end with Goldman Sachs.

Rebecca Barnett joined 'Corporate America'. She joined with enthusiasm and the energy that gave her executive positions in the Home Depot and The Limited.
Her management style is based on the pillars of respect, courage, benevolence, loyalty, truth and integrity.
Over the past decade her concern and disappointment over the behaviour of the people in power in major institutions made her reconsider whether her own ethical standards were being compromised by remaining in the same environment.
With the courage of her convictions and some positive pushes from behind, she stopped the world, got off and is now president of Winning Your Way Inc., presenting seminars on Character-Centered Leadership.

Rebecca, a late starter learning the art of Judo, is also now a black belt national coach in this olympic sport.

Her new book Winning Without Losing Your Way : Character-Centered Leadership is a combination of autobiography, analytical research and results from over 100 in-depth interviews with business leaders and olympians.
It is an inspirational story about the value of Character Centered Leadership in all aspects of your work, play and life.

In chapter one Rebecca argues that leaders must have character. The current business climate where mergers, acquisitions and restructuring is almost part of daily life is a breeding ground for unlawful or unethical behaviour which can be resisted by leaders with character.
She refers to the Enron scandal and the subsequent collapse of their auditor Arthur Andersen and reminds us that, even though these corporations have written and published company codes of ethics, they are worthless words unless the individuals live and work by them.

Chapter two discusses the need for individual "values" and goes on to analyse the generation gaps between the matures, the baby boomers, generation X and generation Y.

The balance between working life and personal life is discussed in chapter three; providing for our families without losing them and the barriers to a successful balance.
It includes a short self-assessment on what you want out of life. Completing it may be your turning point.

Chapter four introduces the concept that courage is required in a transition, courage is needed to question, confront, challenge and to lead. Also discussed is the cost of courage in the workplace and where the power comes from; commitment, strength, confidence and from the heart.

In chapter five Rebecca describes the turning point in her life and her quest to find how to make the most contribution to family and the community.

"Our parents spent most of their careers with one company. We baby boomers on the other hand, have become veterans of lay-offs, bracing ourselves for yet another round of cuts." Chapter six discusses the lost art of loyalty.

Rebecca starts to conclude her message in chapter seven, living and leading with character. Asserting that the responsibility to do the right thing belongs to the individual and that it is individuals that make up an organisation.

The final chapter reminds us the title of the book Winning Your Way and encourages us to win, our way by taking that second chance, live with courage, live for this moment and to define success on our terms.

'"Winning" is written unapologetically for the baby boomers. Today and for the next decade we will enjoy peak positions of power and influence. But we, the boomers, the largest population land mass totaling 76.8 million, have squandered so many opportunities. We note, somewhat wistfully, that no one is calling us "The Greatest Generation". At least not yet.' - Rebecca Barnett

The book is well laid out and the writing style is easy to read. The mix of real life stories, quotes and the entwining of the world of competitive judo with the corporate world maintains interest through to the end.
The book deals with values, principles, character, courage, success, learning and leadership

Winning Without Losing Your Way : Character-Centerd Leadership
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Winning without losing your way 4 bananas


Review by: Jeb Riordan  (c) 2003

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