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For those of you who have NOT yet read David Siegel's "Futurize Your Enterprise- Business Strategy in the Age of the E-Customer", it is an absolute MUST READ. Siegel's book explains WHY PMI® is experiencing the growing pains they are, and WHAT we can do to help them correct their course to become a "member-led" organization. Great reading. Get your copy today.

 .........Paul D Giamalvo

Futurize Your Enterprise- Business Strategy in the Age of the E-Customer

By David Siegel

John Wiley Publishing 309 pages

Price: $29.95 USD $41.95 Canadian $44.95 Singapore

HHHH½ A "Must Read"

David Siegel, author of "Secrets of Successful Web Sites" and "Creating Killer Web Sites" has defined the future of doing business on the internet.

His philosophies and practical examples have established a roadmap strategy to move your company from being "Supply Driven" to being "Customer Led". In doing so, he takes us from the "Branding" of the 90's into E-Commerce of 2000 and prepares us for E-Business of 2005 and beyond.

Some of the more interesting concepts he is proposing:

  1. Open Source Movement- where the customers actually create the product they are paying for by using public domain software.
  2. The "Truth" Economy- where you must track your most DISENCHANTED customers as closely as you track your most loyal ones. Why? Because tomorrow could be the day a single dissatisfied customer lets the entire world know.
  3. "On-line, size is not an advantage. Truth is. Those who try to cover up the facts just manage to draw more attention" This provides a very powerful tool for anyone to express their opinions about your company, products or services. The more you want to hide something, the more likely it is you will be "discovered". On-line, customers are just "two clicks away from all the facets companies DON'T want them to see."
  4. The role of managers is not to "transform their companies from being management led to being customer led, but to create the environment and the examples that allow the transformation to take place on it's own."

In Chapter 17 the author spends a lot of time exploring the concepts of "neural networks", using software called the "Brain". www.thebrain.com This software enables us to build knowledge management systems much the same way bees build a hive- one cell at a time, but with a dynamic energy that enables thousands of cells to be built at the same time.

One of the "tangible" benefits of purchasing this book are the various "case studies". These scenarios although fictitious, end up with some provocative new mission statements. If nothing else, you can compare your mission statement against these proposed "new age" mission statements.

Amazon.com will deliver direct to your door.

This book is a must read for anyone who does projects related to the internet, is a manager or owner of a business. If and when the predictions made by Siegel happen, it is going to have a profound impact on the way we all do business.


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Paul D Giammalvo,


ImagePaul enjoys global recognition as being a leader in the field of Project Management, most specifically in the implementation of project management as a tool of "Good Governance" in the developing nations.
He is active in the US Based Project Management Institute (PMI®) and Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE).
He is currently President of the PMI® Indonesian Chapter, and serves as PMI®'s Director of Advocacy for Region 10, which includes all of SE Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand.
He has been instrumental in bringing the internationally recognized and prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification program to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

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