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Right now, this very moment, you are living what you THINK. Now that might be a really scary thought, given what some of you are thinking at this moment (oh come on - admit it). To paraphrase a famous quote: What you think, you said; what you said, you believed; what you believed, you created; and what you created, you are living.

The LIMITS you are living with right now, in every aspect of your life, (career, financial, environmental, relationships) have been created by your mind in the form of beliefs. YES, the mind is a very powerful tool.

Before we go any further, let's examine briefly what a "belief" is. Basically, it's an idea or concept that you base your life and decisions on. In science, many universal beliefs have been challenged and shown to be incorrect, for example when Copernicus showed us that our belief that the sun revolved around the earth was incorrect. For many years, scientists thought that there was nothing smaller than the atom. Columbus challenged the belief that the world was flat.

You also have beliefs on a personal level. "I can't" is often the start of a belief. A lot of people have a belief that they have to earn love; that love is only given in return for something they can do for another person. Some people have a belief that they're not worthy of love because of a misconception they picked up from a trusted person in their past.

Some people live with the belief that something bad is going to happen, and they worry about everything. It's important to note that there are as many beliefs as there are people, and each person's is very unique to him based on his own experiences. You have many many beliefs.

Recently, a man called me and said, "I am very frustrated because I want to quit smoking but I can't." And he's right. As long as he believes that he doesn't have the power, that the cigarettes and not him are in control, he won't quit smoking. The cigarettes will continue to run his life and make his decisions for him.

I also had a lady say to me "No matter what I do, I can't pay my bills on time." And again, she's right; as long as she BELIEVES that, she won't be able to pay her bills on time. Once she understands that "I can't." is not a true statement, and is willing to replace that with, "I can pay my bills each month by (curbing my spending, getting a better job, moving to a cheaper apartment, marrying a rich person, or whatever), then she will pay her bills on time.

Until then, her money will make her decisions for her. Her money will run her life, and tell her what she can and can't do.

Guard your mind. Guard your thoughts. Plant into your mind what you want to grow. If you plant corn, you can't expect to have roses in the spring. You know that if you put diesel into a gasoline engine, it'll sputter and die (..umm, so I hear). Have at least the same respect for your MIND that you have for your car engine.

Allow only into your mind what is good for it, and what makes it run smoothly, and efficiently. Guard your mind as if it were diamonds -- it is one of your biggest treasures.

Just as you control your actions, you also control your thoughts and feelings -- it's part of the same internal discipline. To believe otherwise is to believe that everything is a matter of chance, that you do not and cannot affect things in one direction or another.

And that implies to me that we have no control over our minds or bodies -- and that is a scary thought indeed.

2003 © Kathy Gates

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