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I was delighted to receive many of your feedback about my new e- book, "The Joshua Principles," and I thank you for them. All were good reviews and a couple of you became friends as we exchanged more than one e-mail about our different views about certain principles I laid out.


I had actually coveted feedback from you as this is a solid point of learning. I may profess to be a success coach, but I'm certainly not one to resist the opportunity to learn from others.


Criticisms, both constructive and destructive, can teach. Yet, a criticism being constructive or destructive depends much on how you and I receive it. If we like the criticism, we term it as constructive; if we don't like it, we label it as destructive. The best way to look at them is not to put labels, but to look at each criticism as a mirror. We may deem some to be distorted, but they can be mirrors nonetheless.

They can reflect some weak point in us or they can warn us of our developing one in the future. Success is first and foremost the building of potential in us so the best of what and who we can be always comes out. I'm a firm believer that whatever we give comes back in same measure. Thus, if we give the best of ourselves, the best always returns to us. Criticisms help in that process.

They can also give us a better perspective of life. The danger, of course, is that criticisms can give us a cynical view, but the larger benefit is that they can train us to see what are good and beautiful and noble.

Best of all, criticisms can make us think. Again, there is a danger and that is of having depressing thoughts, but the larger benefit is that they provoke thought. From thoughts come ideas and many a successful venture began with the seed of an idea.

It's really our choice. By all means open yourself to criticisms, but don't take all of them as fiery darts out to destroy you. On the contrary, treat them as little jabs of truth that can spur you on to success.

2000 (c) Dean Mapa

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Dean F. Mapa is a writer, motivational speaker and success coach.
His latest e-book, "The Joshua Principles: A Spiritual Quest for Success,"
is available at http://www.booklocker.com/

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