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Four Ways to Insure Your Life as Rich as it Can Be Print
We live in a very exciting time. The dawn of the 21st Century has a lot to keep us up--dreaming and working--24 hours a day.," Unfortunately, in a boom time like this, few of us have the ability to slow down, take care of ourselves, and smell the roses along the way.

Here are four easy ways to keep your health, spirits, and life enjoyment at peak performance no matter what they throw at you.

1. Eat a good diet. Most North Americans don't. Pushed to our limits by ever-expanding work weeks, we grab a hamburger there, a frozen dinner here, and gulp it down while working, picking up kids, or consuming a little TV before bed.

This affects our health in ways we are only now beginning to understand. The average American waist line is exploding, so much so that car makers in Detroit recently met to figure out how much bigger they should make car seats so their customers will fit in.

Skip the fast food stand and head to your local grocery store. Avoid the processed foods in the center of the supermarket and browse around the edges. Get vegetables, fruits, and other items that are high on fiber, high on nutrition, but low on processing and additives.

2. Insist on taking enough time away from work to let your mind and spirit recharge. Even the hardest corporate task masters are beginning to understand that all work and no play makes employees produce less and burn out early.

If your job makes you think logically all day, treat yourself to an intuitive, creative activity at lunch and in late afternoon. If your day demands high creativity, go for a logical task every few hours. These activities use different parts of our brains. By mixing things up a bit, you give yourself the mental balance you need.

3. Include some smart nutritional supplements in your daily diet. For centuries, people knew about a wide range of plants and herbs that kept them healthy. As time went on, we forgot the wisdom of our ancestors. Today herbal supplements are making a huge and wise comeback. Now days supplements command top display in drug stores as the supplement industry challenges the famous profits of the world's pharmaceutical companies.

4. Finally, take time to make friends, build relationships, and love somebody. Studies show that too many people work themselves silly only to retire one day alone and disconnected from their communities. Your network of close associations will be one of the keys factors in determining how happy you are throughout your life.

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