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Overcoming Procrastination Print
There are many reasons for procrastination, but only one result. Stress, anxiety, and a great amount of wasted time.
Do You Know Yourself? Print
Do you know what you are capable of?
Did you know that the only limits that apply to what you can do are those that you place upon yourself?
The One Percent Solution! Print
Many years ago, someone told me that the key to success is not doing something big or spectacular, but doing the little things extraordinarily well.
Four Ways to Insure Your Life as Rich as it Can Be Print
We live in a very exciting time. The dawn of the 21st Century has a lot to keep us up--dreaming and working--24 hours a day.,"
Criticisms Print
I was delighted to receive many of your feedback about my new e- book, "The Joshua Principles," and I thank you for them. All were good reviews and a couple of you became friends as we exchanged more than one e-mail about our different views about certain principles I laid out.


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